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The Sassy Princess Gets Jealous Of My Blind Date With Her Sister | 刁蛮公主恋上姐夫 | The Legend Of Dugu

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Met a crazy princess but end up dating her sister?

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About 'Legend of Dugu 独孤天下'
A prophecy bearing the words, "The World of Dugu: He who has Dugu, has the world" reverberates across the lands to imply that the Dugu family was destined to do great things. Because of it, all the attention is turned to Dugu Xin, a court official, and his three daughters, Dugu Ban Ruo, Dugu Man Tuo, and Dugu Jia Luo. Each of the sisters was born blessed with natural beauty and intelligence, and in order to not let the prophecy destroy the sisters' relationship, they all vowed to stick by each other and not let anyone of them get hurt.

Hu Bing Qing
Li Yi Xiao
Ady An

#LegendOfDugu #ChineseDrama #CCrush

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